Interior Door and Closet Company & Local Search Optimization

Ranked #1 in City + Top Keywords taking Advantage of Local Search to Drive the most Relevant Customers

As local search optimization becomes more and more popular and complex, it is crucial to not only optimize your website, but necessary to take advantage of the many new tools and social networks that seemingly sprout up every day.

Our client, Interior Door and Closet Company, has strongly benefited from our local business search optimization service. We have them ranking #1 for searches such as "huntington beach interior closets," "huntington beach interior doors," and top-3 for many other search results like "huntington beach doors" and many of the surrounding cities throughout Orange County.


Our hard work, holistic approach to online marketing, and Interior Door and Closet Company's drive to succeed in this space has them ranking for many top keywords regardless of location, such as "interior closets" and "interior door installation."

These local search results are so important because it drives the most relevant traffic possible to your website and notifies them of your company and brand. Not only are these potential customers searching for the services that you offer, but they are looking for these services in your city or area. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, clothing store, or interior door installation service, local customers who will turn into repeat visitors are practically invaluable.

Some of the services that we included for the Interior Door and Closet Company were setting them up on many of the most important local search services, such as Google Places, Yelp, and Foursquare, along with their Twitter and Facebook pages. We continue to provide help and offer suggestions to best utilize their social media channels, such as best practices on customer engagement and deal offerings.