Mavenlink is changing what online project management software is capable of with powerful financial management reporting built-in and deep integrations with Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and Intuit QuickBooks. You can now run your entire business through one application, while still using your other productivity tools, such as Excel and Gmail.

If you are new to Mavenlink, the video below will really help show create projects and what you can do in project workspaces. It's truly just the tip of the iceberg. 

1. Mavenlink is the #1 Application in the Google Apps Marketplace

As a huge Google advocate, I was extremely excited when Mavenlink decided to integrate with Google Apps, and they have been the #1 project management application and #1 application in the entire Google Apps Marketplace for over a year. Mavenlink integrates with Gmail, Google Docs, Tasks, Calendar, and Contacts.

I use Google Apps to run my entire business and Mavenlink to manage all projects, clients, employees, consultants, and finances so having both tools working together has allowed everybody to be much more efficient.

2. Mavenlink Allows You to Get Paid Faster

My clients like the transparency of always knowing what is going on in every projects and what we're working on. My employees appreciate having their tasks and projects laid out and prioritized so they know what to work on, and having all communication and documents in one place. And my business partner, Taylor, certainly loves it because our clients are happier and we get paid faster!

3. Mavenlink is the #1 Project Management Application in the Intuit App Center

Mavenlink is also the #1 project management application in the Intuit App Center. The Mavenlink and QuickBooks integration, along with PayPal integration, make sending or receiving payments on project invoices seamless. You can get paid on projects and tasks with one-click. 

4. Mavenlink Has Financial Management Functionality

Just last week, Mavenlink launched their financial management reporting, which really show the powerful capabilities this online project management tool has. They are one of the only project management applications that can do this. 

You can review accounts receivable, paid invoices, and work in progress (WIP). These type of premier features are being released every week. The accounts receivable reports provide an overview of the payment status for every projects so you can manage all outstanding invoices. The WIP reports can be broken down at the project and task level. This is the ultimate visibility into project status and costs to make sure you are billing correcly.

One of the features I like the most is the time tracking. It really helps me track what I am working on and what my employees are working on so we can finish projects on time. Plus, this allows me to invoice through Mavenlink in seconds and get paid faster because my client can see exactly what we did and how long it took. 

5. Mavenlink Can Be Used Anywhere

Along with Mavenlink and Google Apps being in the cloud so I can access my accounts from anywhere, they both have mobile capabilities so I can truly work from anywhere. Last year, Mavenlink released their HTML5 site to serve as their mobile application, which I like more than a native app because everybody I work with can access it. 

6. Mavenlink Saves You Time and Improves Efficiency

Effectively communicating with internal teams and clients is important for every business, which Mavenlink allows, plus it keeps you more organized with no additional work. So many time tracking or task management apps can help you be more organized, but at the same time create more tasks and busy work. Mavenlink does not do that. In fact, it reduces what I need to do since so much is built into the product.  


Have you used Mavenlink? If so, what did you think? Any questions for us? 

If you want more information on Mavenlink, I suggest going through their Tour pages, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Wikipedia for the latest news immediately