By Casey Armstrong

Earlier today, Brian Norgard launched completely under the radar. Aside from some tweets from Brian and Andrew Skotzko, I didn't hear much, but I expect that to change quickly.

To use a cliché form of explaining what Chill is, it's for video.

Brian is responsible for Adly, and now Namesake (the site which spurred Content Marketing for Startups), so I expect this product to be just as amazing and engaging as both of those.

With all of the press is getting (I'm actually listening to music on it right now), this development by Brian and team is genius. Might as well ride the wave, and video sure goes perfectly with music, even though it might be a bit more obvious if you're on Chill while at work versus Turntable.

Regardless, video is going nowhere. YouTube surpassed three billion views per day earlier this year (a 50% increase year-over-year) and how much more fun would that be if you could watch it with your friends? Instead of leaving comments below videos only to get drowned out by spammers, trolls, and pre-teens, you can chat right there with your friends. Plus, you can watch Vimeo and Hulu videos as well.

Hook that up with your Plasma TV, buy a wireless mouse and keyword, and I don't think you'll be moving too far from your couch any time soon.

On the Chill blog, they cite the livestreamed "Town Hall Meeting" hosted by President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg as the core catalyst to their creation.

Just like with Turntable, you need to have a friend on Facebook to already be a member to login, but I expect signups to spread rather quickly.

Get in early and CHILL!

Seeing as how chillin' is my favorite thing to do, I know I'm going to...


Have you logged into Chill yet? Or Turntable? What do you think and how do you see these sites evolving?