In 2010, Google AdWords rolled out many new features to help improve online marketing. Google has a list of their 10 favorite AdWords innovations from 2010, and I will talk about which of these is my favorite.


Google's 10 Favorite AdWords Features:

  1. AdWords Campaign Experiments
  2. Search Funnels
  3. Product Ads
  4. AdWords Call Metrics
  5. Click-to-call Phone Extensions
  6. Display Campaign Optimizer
  7. Enhanced CPC
  8. Broad Match Modifier
  9. AdWords Automated Rules
  10. Remarketing


My favorite Google AdWords Innovation is Remarketing (#10). The fact that you can show ads to people who have previously visited your site, or a specific page, and then serve them specific text or content ads is fascinating.


If you are unaware of what Google's Remarketing is, you can tag pages of your site that you want to promote, or you can tag the entire site. For instance, you can tag all of the pages where you are promoting a "Clay Matthews Sports App" and the people that hit that page will then be served highly relevant ads as they browse different website in the Google Display Network. Also, you can make it so after the convert (eg. download your app, buy your product, signup for your service) they will not be "followed" and served the ads anymore.


If you are still curious, you should check out the Google Remarketing Video for an easy walk-through.


At webbROI, we have worked with ReTargeter for remarketing/retargeting, which is a great product, but have found Google's Remarketing to do a very effective job on it's own and completely ties in with all efforts on AdWords & Analytics. We are huge fans of testing and trying out new products so we are still using both. As always, if you need help or have questions with online marketing or remarketing campaigns, just let us know.