Yesterday, Squarespace released their Developer Platform in open beta. Something Squarespace have been working on for over a year internally, built their new Squarespace 6 site with, and have been slowly been allowing other companies to use privately, including Michael Kors and Hodinkee.

We have been developing Squarespace websites for several years now and are really excited to jump into the new Squarespace Developer Platform with all its bells and whistles.

Here are some of the new features they released:

  • Complete code control
  • LESS, JSON, YUI3, jQuery, and more
  • JSON access and customization everywhere
  • Image loading
  • Single server script loading
  • Use Git and SFTP

All of the Squarespace Developer accounts have unlimited free trials and you don't pay until you push your site live. Plus, Squarespace is only $16/month for the Unlimited Plan and that includes hosting, security, updates, and customer support.

Get started with Squarespace now!


Have you used Squarespace before? If so, what did you think? What are the pros and cons? And what do you think of Squarespace 6?