As Marshall Kirkpatrick of The Next Web pointed out the other week, "Twitter has created a new official account called @TwitterSuggests and is using it to send public replies to other Twitter users."

While this seems like a rather logical step to increase engagement and an automated process is needed to scale the interaction with the millions and millions of Twitter users, it has provided some interesting suggestions.

A few days ago, I was included in a Twitter Suggests of my own. As an active Twitter user (Twitterer?), I was not suggested to follow others, but was suggested to somebody else to be followed. I was pretty interested to see who else was suggested with me and to see what we might have in common.

To put simply, not much. To Abdurrahman, whoever that is, with his 0 Tweets and 0 Followers, I was suggested by this verified Twitter Suggests account along with @tylerfaith and @AnnieFuckinCruz. You ask: Who are Tyler and Annie? Great question. Two porn stars!

Trust me, I obviously have nothing against either of them and found this really amusing, but what do we have in common? I mean Tyler has a solid 20,000+ followers, but here is a clip of her profile: "Brand new super sexy pics & vids." Unlike many seemingly spammy porn stars on Twitter, she seems very real. In fact, so does Annie and her entourage of 16,000+ followers. Yes, Annie FUCKIN Cruz, the "Super Villain" as she refers to herself posing with Scooby Doo.

I decided to dig a little deeper (this literally took 17 seconds) to see what was going on behind the scenes. According to Twitter, "@twittersuggests is a feature which looks like a Twitter account – it algorithmically generates suggestions of users to follow and sends them to you." So Twitter's algorithm spit out Me + Tyler + Annie. That's cool, but I don't see the parallel.

Maybe I should stop babbling and feel honored? Maybe Twitter thinks I'm sexy?


Have you been hit up by Twitter Suggests yet? If so, who was suggested for you to follow or who were you suggested with?