Are you the ultimate customer development hacker? Are you getting out of the building and validating your product like a boss? Have you read The Lean Startup and The Four Steps to Epiphany so many times you felt you wrote them? Are you bribing Patrick Vlaskovits and Brant Cooper to get an early copy of The Lean Entrepreneur and maybe a meeting with @FAKEGRIMLOCK? Well, this might be you...

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<a href='/blog/ultimate-custdev-hacker.html' title='Ultimate Customer Development Hacker' ><img src='' alt='customer development hacker' title='Ultimate Customer Development Hacker' width='650' height=''/></a><br/><a href='/blog/ultimate-custdev-hacker.html'>Ultimate Customer Development Hacker</a>

If you've made it this far, you're probably as geeky as us and know that customer development is a four-step framework for helping startups (businesses!) discover and validate their customers, product, and go-to-market strategy. But who is the Ultimate #CustDev Hacker? He (or she!) might resemble the guy above. If you live in San Francisco, you've definitely almost been hit by this custom fixie rider that was tweeting from their iPad.

Let's dive in:

  • iPhone - Obviously. Or obvi! How else can you close deals and show off your new disruptive social-local-mobile app to prospective customers?
  • Warby Parker Glasses - Not only are you intelligent, but you sport vintage acetate frames with anti-reflective prescription lenses. Who wouldn't want your product?
  • Pickwick & Weller Tee - Modern workwear with California cotton. It's almost too perfect for tech entrepreneurs.
  • Satchel - How else can you carry your iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air, and other Apple products up and down the streets of San Francisco while riding your...
  • Custom Fixie - Brakes are so lame.
  • Pebble Watch - Not only can I control my iPad from my watch, but I totally backed this before they cracked their $100k goal...right?
  • Evernote Moleskine - Take notes while chatting with potential customers then merge my digital and analog life with a picture? Yes, please!


What am I forgetting? Or other ridiculous stereotypes assigned to tech entrepreneurs and lean startup junkies? Any funny stories you'd like to share?

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